Monday, May 24, 2004

Gig&Jip Talk show

On Saturday evening,I had free ticket to see Gig&Jip Talk show.Both guys are famous among teeangers and university students.Why??They are not handsome actually but they wrote the book "Behind the guys". This book presents the deep habit of guys as well as
opinion about girls. Mostly,it 's all about sex..I think :O It makes me think...hum..
Guys mind is so terrible even I know it 's a man nature. right??
ok.In show,they talked about how woman find the b/f,what posture woman should do when she
find the interesting men. Moreover, Gig topic that are popular in society is the main issue for this show.There are about 10 questions popup on screen then both find out the
answer.Let me give example,if u are having dinner with yr gig,yr b/f or g/f call or meet u. How u excuse with her/him? They assume the situations like this in different place;theatre; escalator in department store; or even in his place. I think their Gig meaing is not only normal couple; but their Gig meaning is like affair. Hum..if u have a chance,try to see this show in VCD.For me, I don't impress much and some issue I do't agree with them. Maybe yr opionion will be different from me..
Ps..Gig meaning is man/woman has b/f or g/f but he/she flirt another knows like
going to have dinner together,holding hands, or maybe having sex. The
relationship is more than friend but not g/f or b/f.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blar blar..

Last night I called my mom and said to mom.
She replied to me..also love me and everything she is doing is just for
children...Love mommmm most.
Morning..I intended to go office earlier than usual..Unfortunately I forget car key inside god,I asked guards to assist to open car doors.They give me number of
mechanic man.I feel upset myself and think maybe god is punishing me.I paid for opening car door 500 bath. what is pitty...
(continue :P)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Finally...Demo Day

I came office early morning to prepare info and set the notebook. Fortaunately,my senior college helped me a lot.She answered the technical questions of customers and support me.
Even though customers feel uncomfortable with program and give comments,demo can be finished...( Many changes and more requirement)..For me,,,half of my feeling is relief and the rest feeling is a lot lof worry and exhausted.
However,,,I will try to do next day best I can..
Today I intend to call mom and say I love her...

Even more guilty

Early morning I picked up my sister to back home;morover I drive Took
to go the job interview. It's very dam traffic.( I don't want to say..but have to say)
and feel upset from work yesterday. I and my sister argue a bit. I want to say..sorry
and wish her good luck on interview.I belive she will get it...
When arrived home,I feel my mom ignore me. I don't know maybe I think too much.
However, that evening I have to go back BKK with sisters.For me,whenever she want to leave, just let me know..Today I'm so quiet and my face don't smile..(a bit of red eyes from ??) When my mom asked me what time u leave..I said up to them. I'm not satisfied anything...Sunddenly I heard my mom scold me to my brother and sister.
I feel upset and sad agian..I don't say anything,argue anything. Why I look like bad child and obidient and self-fish...
So feellllllllll sad....


Yesterday is the most important day to my family.We moved Dad's ash from
a temple to another temple that have good enviroment. ( like behind motuntain, front of river) But the thing that makes me worry is the Demo of my project next day.
It's not important actually when compared with this ceremony; however,I feel depress
and stress in this demo. All problems;program error, first presentation, unconfidence disturb my brain most.I decided to call my mom and brother whether I can go around 3 pm.
I just want to work in the morning..and then I will go back coz the ceremony will be held at 5 pm.But my brother scolded me like i don't pay importance to it and up to u..
Also I heard my mom's voice...she said like I'm bad child ...I 've never thought only once.I love my mom...and dad..

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Just complain : o

Today I feel bored and tired from works.When I check out the old requirements from users, oh God..the program hardly is different.Moreover,important points that they want
are not displayed in anywhere in program. How should I say with customer ( or excuse)?
More thinking about comming training next week,more getting serious... :x
Just Try my best ....
Yesterday, I had dinner with my best lovly friend;called Aung.That was nice meal and music.I like the voice and style of the singer.Cool!! When I talked many things with her;
love;working and blar...It 's like the circle.U know!Problems will never be ending if we don't find solution.So..It's mean my problems still not discover solutions..
That 's why makes me worry about my future life.
ok..Be confident and think positive.....everything will be fine...U think SO..!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Middle of week

Hur..Thursday again!let me think what happened with me.
I was assigned to do many work that I've never done it
training users,coordinate customers and analysis the costing.It looks
challenging but tough to me. Last weekend,I read one column in magazine
that wrote about how to become success and be a manager. One thing
that makes me think seriously is creation,updated info.Yeah..
if we present the new thing,obvious target,we will certainly
achieve.U know!it 's not easy, is it??
Now I want to know about stock,fund mutal ..sth..Try it first and let see ...
today..I plan to have dinner with my friend that i intend to treat them.
( that one of my intention )
Have a good day...Gods bless u and me...: )

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Begin of my blogggggg...

Starting to be blogger ....